Looking to open a cannabis retail store? It seems like this is one of the questions we are asked most as Canada looks to make cannabis legal in 2018. Many compassion clubs formed in the late 90’s and opened retail shops in Canada. These stores were opened in response to the needs of patients to access the medical cannabis industry and the majority opened in the province of BC.

In 2018, the Government of Canada will enact new laws regarding the operation of cannabis stores and our franchises will be there to handle that need. Recreational cannabis will be legal for the first time in 95 years in Canada and the sale of marijuana products is expected to generate millions of tax dollars and create thousands of new jobs.  There is significant public support for the use of cannabis. Canndara will work with you to operate a successful franchise in this industry.

The Founders Group has a collective experience of more than 50 years of “controlled substance” retailing, spanning various industries such as hospitality, pharmacy, healthcare and they are experts at scaling successful businesses.

Opening an Alberta Retail Cannabis Franchise

To begin with Alberta intends to limit how many retail cannabis licences one organization can hold in an effort to prevent industry powerhouses from dominating the market. Licensed producers in Alberta are required to own less than 15% of the provinces estimated 250 stores the first year and this in turn offers incredible opportunities for retail operations looking to expand into cannabis or open free standing operations.

We offer a turn key retail and distribution model that will seamlessly integrate into each participating province’s model. The team has the ability to adapt the model in a robust way that will allow us to seamlessly integrate into different commercial properties and retail sites.

Currently, not all provinces offer private cannabis stores as a sales option and some provinces will only offer cannabis for sale at Government licensed outlets. To start, Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan have laid out plans for private retail operations to open July 2018 and franchise locations will be available in all of these provinces.

The store designs are a clean, professional, and illuminating setting that keeps the client engaged, happy and having fun. A visit to our stores will enhance our client’s day as they enjoy a memorable experience and due to this they will keep them coming back. Our system is the path to success. It provides needed support in a new marketplace and marketing assistance to keep your store at the forefront of the industry.

How to Open a Retail Cannabis location BC

BC is best known for its plentiful cannabis options and well developed market and for this reason the province of BC has made clear rules outlining the relationship between licensed producers and the sale of marijuana. Due to this, licensed producers cannot own any store that sells their products and has to remain a producer only. This simple regulation makes cannabis retail store in BC a viable business opportunity for anyone looking to enter this industry. We offer the perfect franchise solution to expand into marijuana sales or open a stand-alone operation. If you are considering opening a cannabis retail store in BC, contact our team today and let’s discuss your location ideas. The team has been working in retail for decades and are experts in the field.

Landlords, time to secure a great new tenant

Traditional Canadian Bricks a Mortar retail has been on the decline for several years. Canndara offers a new tenant option for forward thinking landlords. Our commitment to exciting, welcoming store design, will bring new and existing customers to your retail strip. Cannabis customers as diverse as your economy.  A commitment to retail excellence, education, and safety will make Canndara the retail choice for our communities. Learn how to open a cannabis reatil store and d succeed!

Many small town main streets face this same issue. Declining numbers and large urban store chains leave few viable options for these communities.

Can I Open a retail site in Ontario?

No, currently in Ontario it will remain illegal for any private retail sales of cannabis. Due to this, the OCRC will handle the distribution and sale of cannabis to the recreational market. Currently no retail stores will operate in Ontario however this will change when governments do. The OCRC will handle all in-store and online recreational sales in Ontario and medical sales will remain separate. Ontario’s market is the largest in Canada and will grow substantially in 2019. We want to grow with you.

Which factors should you consider when opening a cannabis retail location?

What are the cannabis laws and how do they apply to new stores.
Which banks will accept cannabis companies?
Location choice is crucial to success and Canndara takes the guessing out of it.
Is it a complete turnkey solution with full marketing support for your business.
The Canndara  team will work to assist in the licensing of your store.

Planning for a your store

First of all, to start planning your cannabis shop, contact Canndara and discuss your location ideas. Let our team of retail experts work with you. Franchisees need to choose a location and file proper licensing to open a franchise. It is essential to secure your  site today so talk to a team member and discuss your options. When considering a site, local laws, visibility and traffic will all play a role in the success of the business. The team handles all relevant issues, addresses the search criteria and finds the perfect location for your new business.

Franchise stores will be available in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Territories.

Canndara is here to educate franchisees on location strategy and outline the best choices for the site. Decide where you want to set up and the team will show you how we can make it happen.

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